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This is NZ Blood's newest campaign. They have a little clothes line with wooden pegs on which are printed website addresses. I believe the idea is to try to sneakily attach the peg to a friend's clothing.


If you google "get pegged!" and blood is involved? SOMETHING IS WRONG.

I am very much a supporter of blood donation: I think if you can, you should. And the nurses are all really lovely, and since I donate platelets which take nearly two hours, I get to snuggle down under a duvet and they bring me juice and cookies.  But on this occasion I can only laugh and laugh and laugh and laugh.

So, my friends! Can I peg you?


Jun. 1st, 2009 05:59 pm
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Also:Flist! The Supernatural "Like a Boss" vid? Whodunit? I neither linked nor saved my download of it. :-(
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Do you ever get that thing where you suddenly remember what you were dreaming about before your alarm(s) tried to wake you up, and then you're all like "BRAIN WTF?!?"

That was me this morning! I showered and got on the internet and was clicking on links to web comics and it connected a few synapses, because I remembered that last night I'd had a dream about a couple of guys from a webcomic and it was like they were real life versions and were pretty hot. And were making out a lot and stuff.

I was clicking on a link to Friendly Hostility so it took me a few seconds more to remember that my dream was, in fact, about the guys from Penny Arcade. And I'd <i>liked</i> it.

WTF, brain, WTF.
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I say "Teenage nostalgia!"

Man, "Cotton-Eyed Joe" takes me right back to my second-form dances, where teachers had flutterboards on hand to help separate kids who danced too close and everything was so INNOCENT. And badly DJed. And sometimes you maybe KISSED SOMEONE, omfg. Unless you went to a St Pats dance because everyone knew how dodgy those boys were and you didn't wear white because they had sheep prods they'd use on you!

Ahahaha, now I'm having flashbacks I'd entirely forgotten about OH MY QUESTIONABLE YOUTHFUL JUDGEMENT.


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