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Oh, if I were in Welly!

Looks like The Embassy is doing a screening of RHPS on May 29th at 8.30pm...I have no idea if they're audience participation-friendly, but I thought I'd better give you Wellington lot the heads up...
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Okay, so I reeeeaaally wanna see Star Trek again, because it is made of shiny and causes me lots of squeeeee.

I want to catch one of the Imax showings (slashiness* in high def yay!) at Queen St some weeknight this coming week - anyone interested in joining me?

*Also, just watched the TOS episode The Corbomite Manoeuver and it is SO FRICKIN' DODGY. There are lingering shots focusing on Kirk's butt while dramatic music plays! When the ship is "shaking" under attack, it looks like the actors are doing strange and illegal things to the consoles! Oh, I <3 this show so much.
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So, I saw the Star Trek movie (the day it came out here, in the Gold Lounge, it was AWESOME) and loved it and though the casting, general look, EVERYTHING was wonderful.

(I mean, there were problems, like Uhura whose competence was all tell-not-show and THAT OTHER THING I THINK YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN WTF.)


There are other good things!

A whole new generation of fic writers are finding out what Pon Farr is.

(And getting other things wrong, and I try hard to let it go BUT SOMETIMES I CAN'T OKAY.)

But mostly: shiny, shiny new Kirk/Spock fic! This was my first slash fandom, y'all, and I do a happy little dance every time I read a new fic which manages to bridge the characterisation between old Trek and new Trek and I'm all "Yes! These are my boys!"

Haven't seen much of the green alien penises yet, though. That's disappointing.


Myfanwy has taking to jumping up on me when I'm on my laptop and - since I sit with my legs up on the end of the bed so it's like I'm reclining in my desk chair which can't actually do anything but recline - well, she likes to sit on my shoulder. Which is lovely - I get a warm furry purring thing right next to my ear! Nestled into my neck!

Except the downside is that in order to get into a comfy spot she has to turn around and walk all over my chest which leads to CAT BUTT RIGHT IN MY FACE. of no.
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Okay, so I don't actually expect to have a quarter life crisis, but now that I am 25 (by two days, whee!) I feel that maybe I ought to. I'm not a very crisis-type person, though, but I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I'm feeling motivated about things: studying! getting brainwashed by a cult again! signing up for more insurance now I can get cheaper premiums!

I had a lovely long weekend down in Wellington (and I did, indeed, spend more getting to the airport than what the flights cost) and it was awesome to hang out with The Girls in Their Flat. I also helped Mum sort through her jewellery (which, she has maybe twenty pairs of earrings in total, with eight or ten she wears regularly. I have over a hundred pairs of earrings. Oops?) and bought home a few bits and pieces which made me squeal but which she didn't wear at all - some pearl studs, garnet and itsy bitsy pearl studs, silver art-deco-ish dangly earrings with Chinese symbols for luck and longevity, antiquey diamante dangly earrings, black glass pendants...all pretty and requiring me to now go through my jewellery, because there's no way I can store them at the moment.

This may end up with me offering stuff I don't wear anymore to my flist. Watch this space.

For my birthday my parents gave me an external hard drive (which is what I asked for, and which I strongly suspected was in the box from the moment my mum said my dad had bought it, not her!) It is teeeeny and 320Gb and I have backed up my entire C:\ and copied across all my entirely legally obtained video files (which has moved my laptop from having about 8% free space to 40%) and there is still over 200Gb free. OH THERE ARE GOOD TIMES AHEAD.

And for my birthday present to myself, I have splurged on Gold Lounge tickets to see the Star Trek movie tonight. I am excited: not only is it Star Trek, but I have heard it is a genuinely good movie. I lament that I have no appropriately themed t-shirts or jewellery. (A insignia/communicator pin? I WOULD SO WEAR THAT YOU KNOW I WOULD.)


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