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Merlin 2x01 spoilers )

I have also just finished watching my way through Hustle (think Leverage as done by the BBC, and they did it first!), which was a lot of fun. The focus is more on the con than in Leverage, which has just one "grifter" and also has a theif, hacker etc. In Hustle they're all grifters, but it's still utter competence porn and all with British accents! (Except for Albert Stroller.) I found myself desperately wanting to be Ash "Three Socks"* Morgan when I grow up - I don't normally identify with the middle-aged, slightly worn British dude, but! He's the "fixer"! He Gets Shit Done! He's the hacker and the thief and the forger all rolled into one (horribly increasingly attractive wtf) package. <3

I am still torturing myself on a regular basis, and anyone who is bored by my Facebook updates will know that I have actually started jogging.



Voluntarily moving at a pace faster than a brisk walk, even though there is no public transport just about to pull away!


I had to buy new running shoes since my old pair no longer had any cushioning to speak of and actually had holes in the toes, which can't have been good. It took me three hours in Dressmart on a Saturday (tested my shopping endurance, I tell you what) but I finally got a really good deal on some Nike Vomeros, which had the added bonus of being white and PURPLE. (Most womens shoes are either pale blue or pink. Mens - which I also tried on, given that my feet are both long and (in running shoes fits) wide - are either white and orange or black or dark blue. Why don't running shoes come in awesome funky colours? (That is, why don't bargain running shoes that also fit ME come in awesome funky colours?)

I'm still swimming about once a week as well, and looking forward to school holidays next week when the pool's lanes will clear of the multide of small children and I can go there directly after work. I was talking about this to my boss today and she said it might be possible to negotiate a long lunch break once a week which would be AWESOME. (The pool is about a minute's drive from my work, so.)

In other news, my nails are currently a shade of green unlike anything found in nature. It's great! Apparently they'll also glow under a black light. Which would be great if I actually went to clubs.

*He got the name in prison?!?!


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