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I don't like sushi.

This makes me :-(

I keep on trying it. With chicken teriyaki filling, or beef or pork. (I'm not a big seafood person.) And yet!


The rice is great. I <3 teriyaki stuff, so anything marinated in that is awesome. The other fillings are fine. And yet every time I try sushi I get caught up on the strong-smelling, vaguely chewy seaweed.

And sushi is so frickin' healthy and sophisticated and did I mention the teriyaki element? Which is why I keep on trying and why I keep on being disappointed and why I end up with a box full of strips of seaweed with bits of rice clinging to them while I eat everything else.

(I know that technically "sushi" is the rice and sushi-with-seaweed is something else and that you can get the rice topped with things and tied with cute little bows which would be AWESOME except that it's topped with seafood - see above - and I'm picky.)

Basically, I want someone to take, like, chicken katsu (as made by St Pierre's Bento Bowl, with lashings of teriyaki sauce and mayonnaise) and turn it into something healthy. Is that too much to ask?

My Local;

Apr. 27th, 2009 06:47 pm
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Or: An Ill-Rhyming Love Poem

When I am hungry
But don't want to cook
There is no dilemma
To my local I'll look!

The place is called Sages
I could go on for pages
I have no rhyme scheme
You can see what I mean.

For Indian food there is no compare
Their decor is snazzy and their prices are fair
(Don't forget that they serve Kingfisher Beer).
And how effed up is my accent that these all rhyme?

I love their korma
Tikka masla in fine form-a
My tounge's not on fire
Yet their "medium" is higher
Than bland.
(Don't you hate that? When you order your food "medium" spiciness and you get it and it's not spicy at all? Just because I don't like hot-hot or even kiwi-hot, doesn't mean I want NO TASTE AT ALL.)

But the thing I love best
More than all the rest
Is that they deliver for free!
Bring the food straight to me!

Also, mmm, roti.

(P.S. Local fish'n'chip/chinese place: I love you too, even though your delicious wontons are overpriced! I was just in an Indian mood tonight! Oh, and the local kebab place is awesome too. And the actual "local" in the beer sense of the term, it's a classy shack. And Hell, who also deliver, I love you too, especially on free-delivery Tuesdays.)
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I'm glad casseroles take about three hours to cook because I'll need that long to get over the sight and sound (crunch! crunch) of my cat eating a weta.

(A weta which I did not, in any way, shape or form, discover walking over the carpet, go pick up the cat, and put it down in front of the weta before waiting expectedly. I would never do that.)

(Also, my casserole is starting to smell delicious. I love making things that smell delicious! I feel so accomplished!)


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