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I had a dream last night in which I had a little spaniel puppy who I carried around with me. When I woke up I didn't have a puppy and that made me sad.

Also making me sad was the fact that my alarm was going and my brain was saying IT'S ONLY 5AM YOU FREAKING ASSNUTS WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING. And the fact that there were birds outside with a cheerful morning chorus and they WOULDN'T SHUT UP.

It was a grumpy morning.

But now I have V, and I have also written a passionate post in reply to a link someone posted on my course's forum, linking to an article mourning the death of the English language. Which is obviously complete balderdash (languages CHANGE, get OVER IT), and I told everyone so which cheered me up. And then I remembered that, thanks to being a paying student again, I have access to the OED through the library's website, so I looked up the etymology of the word "English" to double check how long it's been used to refer to the English language. I feel quite certain that Ē¢lfric (earliest attested use in the OED) would be looking at what we call English now and feeling certain that we were Doing It Wrong on many levels.
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I'm feeling generally happier today than I was last night. Sleep deprived, yes, and kicking myself for not buying V on my way in to work, but less-out-of-sorts.

I think the problem was that I was made frustrated and pissed off last night by Telecom. MONTHS ago we got the letter saying they were ending their unlimited plans, and that we would all be contacted to discuss what other plans were available to us. I then heard nothing else until last night when I got a broadband useage alert to say that I'd used up 80% of my allowance for the month.

Turn out, they sent a letter WHICH I NEVER GOT saying I would be put onto their 20Gb/month plan automatically unless I contacted them by a certain date. Which might have been fine if I GOT THE LETTER. Or - this is revolutionary - an internet company COULD HAVE SENT AN EMAIL. I get emails! They're good!

Anyway, I called them about three times trying to figure out what plan I was on (since my latest bill didn't show the change, boo) and trying to get my login details for My Telecom so I could check the broadband, since it has been many, many years since I've needed to check my useage. And then by the time I had figured it out and was calling to change to their 40Gb/month plan (we're two weeks into the billing cycle, and have used 17Gb of 20Gb. This is probably mostly due to the boyfriend's addiction to various cooking shows, downloaded a season at a time, but still. Obviously 20Gb isn't going to cut it) their help line was closed. So, I had to go to sleep without resolving things and being grouchy at them some more and I couldn't shake the annoyance to be able to go to sleep.

TL;DR: Telecome sucks, they make me mad.

On the upside, I got my first assignment all done and handed in, hurrah! And tomorrow it's the weekend, double hurrah!
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Now I just have the most important question to address - apart from, how much caffeine will I need on Monday, damn this Sunday night concert business - how will I do my makeup?
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My entire lower half is on strike right now. I went for a jog this morning (<3 Oakley Creek so much, can't BELIEVE it took me so long to really explore it, and right now there are DUCKLINGS!) and then I decided to put in an hour and a half or so of gardening. I filled a 1m3 bin and there is still tons to do, and that's even before I've managed to mow the lawn. And yet, I really want to get stuck in and get things looking nice before summer!

Last night Alan and I went to a yakitori restaurant, first time I've been to one. I am impressed with my own adventurousness, since I tried (and liked!) beef tongue. And also other stuff which I was less keen on, but at least I liked them. But om om nom, yakitori is awesome. And also cheap!

Speaking of Alan, he is now officially moved in - not that he's not essentially been living here for the last few months, but now he has handed over the keys to his old place and is paying me rent. Hurrah! We're still at the unpacking stage, which means there are boxes of graphic novels and magic cards everywhere (although a lot of the mess is mine, oops) but I am certain we will get things looking neat and nice. Soon. Maybe.

Now we are Living Together I anticipate we will move into the "THAT'S your annoying habit?!?" stage of the relationship. (Although apparently there's a rule that I oughtn't fart in front of him unless we're married. Whatever. I'm pretty sure there are better reasons for matrimony.)
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Ticket buying must commence.

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MOST SHOWS: Why, hey, Bechdel Test! How you doing!
MOST SHOWS: *two women talk about stuff other than a guy. If the show is, for instance, Castle, this is even more super awesome.*
BECHDEL TEST: You may pass.

BECHDEL TEST: Ow ow ow it hurts so good. *waves a feeble hand indicating they can pass*
RIZZOLI & ISLES: *rides off into the sunset of AWESOME*

I just...I haven't read the book series by Tessa Gerritson this show is based on, but Angie Haron is a cop and Sasha Alexander is (not Kate) the medical examiner and it is just SO AWESOME.

I thought I knew how it was going to play out: they would meet and hate each other. And then they would be forced to work together. And then they would grudingly respect one another, until they were friends a few eps in. Then a guy would come between them, but they'd eventually work it out!

BUT NO. The show starts with them as friends, professionals who both like and respect one another and work well together. They talk to each other about their families and their childhoods and careers and pets and going to college and having a pet tortoise. And sometimes guys, because the characters are in their mid- to late-thirties and are able to conduct relationships in a perfectly normal way, where you maybe talk to your friend about the guy you like without being afraid she's immediately going to sleep with him!

Angie Harmon, who is an ex-model and ex-Baywatch, is tough and competent and gorgeous - and look so hilariously uncomfortable in a cocktail dress just by slouching in the right way. She drinks beer and it's awesome. And Sasha Alexander is adorable, kind of Bones-lite, is endearingly brilliant and has the most awesome wardrobe ever.  I'm pretty sure she wears dresses and heels when she's doing autopsies.

Basically, I'm flailing a lot about this show, because it's been a while since I have had a genre buddy show like this with two such awesome female leads. I would read femslash happily, but also just enjoy gen fic celebrating the friendship. And the dog. And the tortoises. Although I'm pretty sure there is an episode later in the season which may require one or both of them to go undercover at a lesbian bar. I'M SURE WE'VE ALL READ THAT FIC. WE KNOW HOW THAT ENDS UP.

Anyway, this show is on TNT, which brings us the joy that is Leverage. The first season is ten episodes, and it has already been renewed for a second season of thirteen episodes. I haven't seen any mentions of this show on my flist or in communities I see, so...go watch!
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I am so ridiculously nervous today. I'm on tenterhooks waiting to get a migraine or not, and every light reflection I see or slight twinge in my head makes me paranoid.

I had migraines on Friday and Saturday, although Saturdays started later in the day (after I thought I was safe, curses!) and with the new medication from the doctor I got on Friday (things that melt on your tongue and act on the blood vessels which are causing the pain) it seems both shorter in duration and easier in intensity.

I was fine yesterday and I'm racking my brain for whatever I did or didn't do which was different. Aaargh.

Lobotomy and/or trepanation still seem valid options.
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My brain today feels, in the way which I am not sure if it's a hangover from yesterday or an incipient migraine today.  I REALLY hope it's the former. In the meantime, I am eating an entirely different diet today, including water instead of diet coke, which should give you an idea of how much this is disturbing me.

Last night, having obtained the new BBC series Sherlock, I watched the first epsiode, A Study in Pink. And omg, the FLAILING AND SQUEALING AND JOY. I think alitiette_rowan ejoyed the show on the basis that it's good writing and good characters. I enjoyed it for thse reasons, plus a good dose of Steven Moffat hero-worship, and also I'm a huge Holmes fan so I was having little fangirl conniptions all over the place over how PERFECTLY they had adapted the whole thing, and all those little nods to canon like the cellphone deduction taken from the fob watch.

So yes, I am hugely excited to watch more of the series, I am unspoiled except for knowing there's going to be a second series. I want desperately to see them do Irene Adler and the Hound of the Baskervilles, and now I want fic. I have little hearts in my eyes.
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Oh, this is fun. After writing in detail about my atypical migraine symptoms, today I've been enjoying a textbook migraine. At about midday I got what I think is the normal "auras" in my vision, followed by a truly awful headache which is still going. (Yesterday's only lasted a few hours.)

So, two days in a row when I'm home from work. And I am going to see the doctor tomorrow, because this is NOT GOOD.
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I had to go home from work yesterday due to being all migrained and uggghh.

This was my third migraine - possibly my fourth, since in retrospect an episode I had at work matches - and I am still so very thrilled and amazed to discover what symptoms I am being given.

I don't get the traditional blinding headache + inability to stand light (+ sound).  No, I get:
a) a beginning feeling of disorientation, which could be just tired and needing caffeine or fresh air, or it could be leading to:

b) the inability to understand words. Both comprehending written langauge and being able to produce it become disturbingly difficult. Yesterday I was looking at a spreadsheet I use nearly every day, and I couldn't remember how to get the information I needed from what I was looking at. I was trying to text the word "occasion", couldn't remember how so wrote it down, and I can see from the notepaper that my best effort was "ocastonat". I also get tongue-tied when speaking.

So, at this point I left work, happily not to drive since I am carless, but to the train. By the time I got to the train station that was nearly gone (i.e. I could read, but not pay solitaire on my ipod) but that was okay becase:
c)I couldn't grab hold of the ipod because my right arm was numb. Like pins and needles, almost. When I tried to reach for something my fingers just couldn't quite hold it. THIS WAS A NEW AND DISTURBING SYMPTOM and why I can't quite discount the little voice in my brain saying "giantinvisibletumour".

By the time I got home my arm was normal again and I just had a headache. My migraine headache is bad, but not headsplittingly terrible. I took a couple of panadol and slept for a couple of hours and was well on my way to fine when I woke up again.

I have to say, though, I much prefer the headache to the forgetting-words, which frankly scares the $#!7 out of me.

Anyway, I am slowly coming to terms with the loss of my car, and getting excited about the idea of buying a new(old) one. Except this morning Alan said I should start googling to see what kind of price I might get for it at a wrecker's yard or something and I was all "Excuse me?!! It is going to a FARM where it is SUNNY and it will live out its days frolicking and playing with puppies."


Aug. 16th, 2010 10:59 am
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I fear I may be about to mourn the loss of my little blue car. :-(

Since I'm driving down to Welly for Au Contraire in a week and a half, I thought I'd book it in for a service before I went, just to make sure everything was running well and would stand up to a 10 hour road trip. I thought I might as well get the WoF done at the same time since it's due early next month and it would save me a trip. I also booked it in for a wheel alignment because it had that shakiness at high speeds which means things are a little out of tune.

I thought I'd be fine with the WoF - they always find little niggles, but in the last year I've had a whole bunch of brake parts replaced ($900-odd), and the entire exhaust system's been replaced bit by bit over the last few years. I know the sump is leaking but given the $4000-new to replace cost and the fact that it was only making me lose oil a bit faster but didn't impede driving, I thought I could leave that.

But, do you know what my car DOES have?



A problem with the rear brake is being repaired under the same waranty that repaired the brake problems I had a couple of weeks ago, but I also have excessive rust on the brake booster ($650), a perished-due-to-rust power steering hose ($680), the sump is apparently a rusty zombie ($400 second-hand, not actually THAT bad), and rust build up on the front cross member (I ddon't even know what that IS!) which needs to go to a panel beater and could be a quick job or a multi-hour welding job.

Plus a few other minor bits and pieces they noticed that they didn't even bother to tell me about in detail.

So, these repairs are looking to be about $2000 all-up.  A 1995 Holden Astra is worth about $1,500, maaaaybe up to $2,000 or $2,500 if it were automatic (which mine isn't) or has low mileage (which mine really, really doesn't).  Do you see the problem with the maths here? Can I justify repairing the car for more than it's actually worth?

On the one hand, I was knew the car would give out at some point, and I was expecting to need to add on some cash to the mortgage (since the interest rate for that is cheaper than a separate loan) to purchase a car. On the other, I thought that would be a few more years down the track (the car's GERMAN. It's meant to last forever!) and I'm all sentimentally attached and it makes me feel almost weepy to think about having to sell it (probably for parts). I learnt to drive in this car! It's been part of my life for the last eleven years, at least!

My little blue astra may have reached the end of the road. :-(

(On the other hand, I've just seen the eps of Top Gear where they drive across the Channel, and across the middle of Africa. I can't believe that my car can't be jury-rigged to keep going in SOME way!)

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I am coming down with a cold. I am so heartily unimpressed with my immune system right now, I can't even tell you.  ANTIBODIES, ACTIVATE!!!

I've only JUST caught up on sleep from the weekend - which might have something to do with it, three days of progressively less sleep can't be good for the immune system - and I was looking forward to feeling human again. :-(
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EVERYONE ELSE IN MY OFFICE: *is eating porridge or muesli or more porridge*
ME: *is eating Milo cereal*

One of us is less adult than the rest.

In other news:

1) My poor Tigey dog is apparently Failing. He's not in pain, and is apparently as bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as you can be when you're a thirteen year-old dog, but his back legs are working less and less. (The falling down doesn't SEEM to faze him, but.) I'm really hoping that he holds out until I get down to Wellington next month. I mean, I've taken pictures with him for the last three visits in case it was the Last Time I Saw Him, but now it seems horribly imminent. :-(

2) I have a damp spot on my ceiling. I am going to need to Get Into The Roof. This will either require figuring out how to stand on the laundry tub without it breaking (the access hatch being directly above it, whose wise idea was that?) or buying a ladder. Stupid rain.

3) I will soon have a Man of the House to whom I can pass off such onerous tasks! (Note: I will not actually pass off house maintenance, because that's fun. He can keep doing the vacuuming, though!) Sanctioned by aliette-rowan, whose patience and forbearance I DO appreciate (since I don't think Alan's stayed at his own house in the last...three weeks or so?) Alan is moving into my little house, which is essentially just making official what he's already managed to do. (All his clothes are at my house. Sneeeaky.)

I'm kind of humbled by the fact that he wants to live with me enough that he's either selling or putting into storage most of his belongings in order to fit into my room, since I'm not sure I could do the same. (Consider I have more than one-washing-basket's worth of clothes that I wear on a regular basis.) I'm kind of psyched about this, probably because I am still in that sickeningly-sweet New Relationship Energy phase which is no doubt making me kind of unbearably obnoxious to everyone I know. (Waiting for protestations to the contrary....*crickets* *crickets*) I'm sure I'll grow out of it any day now?

Anyway, I feel like I need to apologise to my friend Sarah, since I'm kind of stealing her flatmate, and with that the attendant stress of finding a new roomie or taking on more rent. (I mean, it's her own fault, since she set us up, but still!)

4) I am being exposed to The Vampire Diaries. It seems...intriguing. By which I mean, I'm going to be sitting down and watching from the start of the season in order to enjoy every ridiculous nuance of the show. I think that Damon looks like what would happen if Adam Lambert and Tom Welling had a baby, and that baby was a leather-jacket-wearing vampire. This is possibly a large facet of my attraction to the show.

5) My course starts today. I'm excited! (I...still need to get the textbook! Whoops.) (Right now, maudlinrose is laughing and laughing and laughing at me.)
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I have something like a cold battling my immune system at the moment. I am taking zinc and panadol other such good things, but I'm not feeling optimistic. I may have to take tomorrow off work if I'm not feeling better - not because I feel so desperately ill that I can't work, but because I'd rather take one sick day now and rest and get better than need to take three next week because I'm feeling like death.

Last night, inspired by...somthing, possibly aliette-rowan's industrious darning and hemming, I decided I dig out my Knitting.

This is a scarf that I have been working on sporadically since about the year I first left home, so it's been going for something like six and a half years. It is very badly made, with stitches that are too tight and stiches that are too loose, and dropped stiches and uneven bits, and places where I don't know what I did but I'm just glad the wool isn't unravelling. It's currenlty something like 1.5m long, and while I don't have much of the original wool left, I suspect I shall just pick up the next ball, no matter what the colour, and keep on going.

(I doubt this scarf is ever actually going to be worn.)

I should learn how to knit properly at some point, if for no other reason that since I am apparently turning into my mother I should, like her, be able to turn out exquisite little cardigans and booties for babies. (Not that I know any babies. But one day I might! You should all breed and provide me with small people to buy things for!)

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I disapprove of this current rainy weather. It's LOVELY if you're snuggled up inside, much less so if you're out running errands or getting to work.

I feel like I had a really lazy, home-bodyish weekend, although when I think back I did manage to do a fair amount of stuff. It's just that it was mostly home-related things, which are not exciting and memorable. Alan normally Does Things in the weekend, so I feel a little boring dragging him, well, no where (since we are apparently attached at the hip and incapable of spending apart.)

But! I accidentally did a LOT more gardening than I intended on Saturday while the weather was nice. (The plan: mow the lawns and do a little bit of weeding and cutting back a wee branch or two. The result: mown lawns, apparently when Alan vehmently said he didn't like gardening doing the lawns doesn't count, hurrah, and THREE HUGE PILES of branches and things. I don't know anything about pruning, so I don't know if the rhododendron and gardenias will recover, but I don't particularly like them so that's okay. And there was this one horrible tropical tree thing which used to have big spiny fronds and is now dead and spiny, and it turns out I was able to pretty much dismantle the whole thing. Except it was EVIL and pricked me a lot, and now my hands hurt.)

I also tried the new cafe which has opened up on New North Rd south of the Mt Albert shops - Cosset. It caught my eye on account of its "Free wifi!" sign outside, which, yay! It was hit and miss for me - on the plus, free wifi; awesome vibe with eclectic furniture and crockery - they've obviously raided some second hand or antique stores to good effect; it was out of the way and quiet; and the pancakes were FANTASTIC with fruit on the side, maple syrup in a jug <3 and crushed nuts sprinkled on top which was so so yummy. On the downside, there wasn't a huge breakfast menu - no eggs or bacon or any protein at all, really; and the waitresses were so shiny new they squeaked. There were a couple of missteps in service - not bringing the coffees together (we ordered exactly the same thing at the same time) and trying to take away food before we'd quite finished, but it was all earnestly done. All in all, I think I'll go back when I'm in the mood for a light breakfast and a quiet atmosphere, but it's not a place to go if you're hungry.

On Sunday I bought a couple of bookshelves that were being sold at a comics shop Alan stops in every weekend. One of them has been set up in my office next to my desk, which has necessitated boxes of books being moved back ONTO the bed, but now my desk is clear and I have shelves for study materials, yay! The other is a kind of bedside table, because obviously a functional bookcase is a lovely bedside match for the folding chair I'm using on the other side. (At some point I will acquire bedside tables. Until then, the look is...charmingly eclectic!)

Anyway, in order to fit the new bookcases in there had to be tidying and rearranging of things, and now I'm basking in that happy glow of "my house looks so CLEAN and ORGANISED" which will last about, um, two days.

I bought fudge at the Takapuna markets yesterday, and now I REALLY REALLY wish I had it at work with me. Fuuuuddggeee.


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Yesterday, I had a small hole in my leggings* just above my knee, so I decided the best way to repair this was to take my big black Sharpie, and colour a dot on my leg beneath the hole.

Of course, moving slighty meant the leggings and hole also moved, so I drew a circle about the size of small coin. This proved to be insufficient, so by the end of the day, I had coloured in a stripe about three inches long and an inch wide on my leg above my knee.

It worked great!

Except, when I got home every time I saw my pantsless leg, I would see this black blob out of the corner of my eye and my thought process went something like "BRUISE. BAD BRUISE. WTF? NECROTISING FASCIITIS!"

The first time, I laughed at myself. The second, third, fourth, fifth and sixth times, I was embarrassed with my own brain. (Although I suppose I can give myself a pass for first thing this morning, on account of not REALLY being awake.)

*black 3/4 leggings worn as tights, NOT as pants
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So, I have this journal thing! Fancy that!

Apparently wearing a (heavy silver with flowers and leave and a black stone - onyx, maybe?) ring on the fourth finger of my left hand is exciting for my workmates.

" fits best on that finger?" is not what they wanted me to say, lol.

(Many of my rings fit best on my ring fingers. Funny that.)
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I'm pretty sure that I did this meme a while ago and I've had no huge influx of readers since then, but it's fun to do.

Read more... )
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For Aucklanders who aren't on Facebook:

Belated house warming/timely birthday party

Saturday 8th May at 7pm

I've been in this house now for about four months, and with winter coming on it is well overdue to be warmed - hence, a housewarming!

And since I now have a flatmate, there also needs to be a flatwarming!

AND since I am about to have my birthday, I need to have a party for that too.

Three in one - how efficient am I!?

Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks will be provided, BYOB, weather permitting we can make use of the garden and courtyard so bring a blanket or beanbag if that's your idea of a good time.

Parking down the driveway is limited, so please park on the road. We are also close to both bus and train stops.

Let me know if you need the address! :-)
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I had a dream last night that I had a baby. Those dreams always FREAK ME OUT. At least it was preceded by a perfectly normal dream about evil ninja soul-possessing angels.

I had a really lovely birthday on Wednesday - thanks to all who passed on wishes. My main present from my parents was tickets to the Spandau Ballet/Tears for Fears concert last week. (Verdict: Spandau Ballet=meh, but Tears for Fears=ROCK MY WORLD.) The other highlight of my birthday was pretty much the whole day via Alan - he put an amazing amount of effort into spoiling me all day, and it was just lovely. (Including giving me my present the day before because he couldn't wait - an awesome TV, which is about a million times better than my old one!) I got taken out for lunch AND dinner and general niceness, and it made me happy.

After dinner we stopped at Foodtown to get some dessert, and I decided to buy a DVD to watch on my new TV, and picked up Star Trek. (Would be my seventh viewing. Kirk and Spock still v. v. pretty.) Except the operator forgot to take off the security device, so when I got home I couldn't open it. >:-(  I took it back the next day and asked for my money back since I could get the DVD cheaper elsewhere if I hadn't wanted to watch it ON MY BIRTHDAY, and I was all prepared to put on my big girl consumer rights panties and grr, but I didn't get that satisfaction, they just happily gave me back my money. Righteous rage thwarted!

I'm looking foward to a busy busy weekend with maudlinrose visiting (your bed is...nearly made up! I swear!) and my birthday/housewarming party which I only put on Facebook and not here, oops, and all the chores associated therewith. Huzzah!


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