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It's only five sleeps to go \o/, I am all geared up for Christmas and am at the stage where I want it to come NOW, please. I will be in Wellington for about four days before returning home to do pretty much NOTHING, which will be awesome. (For nothing, read: books, housework, and hiring a hardcore weedwhacker again.) I feel a bit bad about leaving Alan to fend for himself over Christmas, right up to the point where I think he is looking forward to doing a horror movie marathon (sorry Malu, if he hogs the TV you can tell him to go watch things on his laptop) and eating all the food I don't like. (Fine, go ahead, be perfectly able to function without me, SEE IF I CARE.)

I'm sort of resolving that I am going to try and review the books I read, on account of a) I am back in the habit of visiting the library regularly and b) I would like to get better at articulating my thinky thoughts about what I read. I have about three books at home which I want to talk about and will do so when I've got my yuletide done and dusted, but first:

Has anyone read The Agency: A Spy in the House by Y S Lee?  Because I'm about a third of the way in and I want to know if it gets better. It OUGHT to be Just My Cup Of Tea: Victorian London! Young ladies being awesome, and also spies! A girl who is Selected To Be Special! And yet...the story I want to read isn't there, and the characters I want are kind of flat instead of fun and there is a lot of telling rather than showing and a wee bit of Mary Sue-ishness. But I want so badly to like it and be excited for the rest of the series! So please, if anyone has read it, let me know if I should go on.

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