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+ I got the house mostly clean for my brother and his girlfriend coming to stay. Most importantly, the spare bed. AMAZING.

+ Spent most of Saturday playing Magic (where I lost two games, and then won the third, where for "win" read "get to a point where everyone else quits in disgust because I have the most awesome card combination EVER".)

+ Then Alan and I went to a friend's birthday party, where there were like six varieties of home-made cookies, and a bunny for me to pat and movies. Whoo!

+ Nick and Cynthia arrived from Aussie on time and we spent the evening hanging out. Nick gave me a super sharp knife as an early Xmas present (this is possibly symbolic, but I don't care. So sharp!) Cynthia gave me a USB drive with watchable goodies on it. I adore Cynthia, who is awesome, and I will be very disappointed with my brother if they break up EVER. (Nick's previous girlfriends: nice, but slightly skankalicious. Cynthia is gorgeous, polite, smart, keeps my brother in line, and is also a total GEEK.)

+ Dad has given me an old weed whacker. <33333 My lawn should be trembling in fear right now.

+ I also got dad's old iPhone. It's a 3G where upgrades to the software over the years have caused it to slow down a bit and drain the battery faster than it was planned to handle. I think Dad was looking for a reason to upgrade to an iPhone 4. So, now I have a slighty slow but still awesome phone. (My old phone was a 21st birthday gift, so it's five and a half years old. It's stubbornly kept working perfectly, giving me no excuse at all to replace it with something Shiny. My gadget-greedy heart mourned!)  I find there is something that satisfies me on a very visceral level to have internet EVERYWHERE. Plus, now I only need to carry around one gadget rather than phone+ipod touch. (On the downside, I was DETERMINED to get it working last night, where "working" means transferring all my ipod data and apps across. This took hours when I should have been in bed. BUT I WON.)

+ Spent most of yesterday at the island with my parents, aunt and uncle, Nick and Cynthia (they're staying for a few days), and Alan. The weather was absolutely perfect in every respect, and I am pleased to announce that I went for My First Swim of the Season. It was the absolutely most perfect way to spend a Sunday.
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