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My journalling has been so super slack lately. For weeks! And I've been DOING STUFF. Like:

Going to the Adam Lambert concert, which was AMAAAZING and perfect. The jackets! The dancing! The pimp cane! The hair! The boys making out! The lewd gestures! And also the music. Basically, everything I hoped and totally justifying the extreme squee I got on when his NZ visit was announced.

Armageddon. I spent all of Labour Day weekend helping to run the Magic: The Gathering tournaments in the trading card game area. Day one was busy, day two was bigger, and day three was nearly as big as a Nationals event. Happily, I got some time to get out and see a bunch of the vendors, but didn't spend too much - just one of these lovely LOTR pendants, and the entire Buffy for $140. That's only $20/season. SCORE.

And then today, the Auckland Half-Marathon. I've been working up to this for MONTH, with varying degrees of commitment to training. (Amount in last few weeks? Almost none. Was sick. WORST. TIMING. EVER.) Anyway, I spent a lot of time feeling confident that even if I wasn't jogging as much of it as I could had I trained consistently for the last few months, I could do it - I mean, I know I can walk about 6-7km an hour, and so that's only three hours, right? Easy!

Then yesterday we went to register and I looked closely at the maps and there were all this hideously fit people walking around and I got all o_0.

But! I'm actually really pleased with how it went. Mum and Dad came up to do it too (the whole thing was Dad's idea) and even though they're both super fit they went at my pace. We completed the course in 3hrs 18mins which I'm happy with. We were far from last, but definitely in the end section of the half-marathon entrants - we had to get to the start of the harbour bridge (13km) by 9am, or we would be bussed over. We got there at 8.56am. 

I managed to do a lot more jogging than I thought myself capable of - helped by disgusting but terribly effective energy syrup sachets mum and dad plied me with - although the last five km or so were a real slog. (Well, the first 7km were the hardest. Then the next 7km were worse. Then the last 7km it just got bad.) I was down to walking only and just happy to be keeping up a good pace at all. The last 2km were really, really hard - my shoes felt too tight, my hips were really sore, and my back and neck started aching too. About 200m from the finish line I surprised myself by early getting a bit teary, I was just so happy to have done it. And then I managed enough energy to sprint the last 50m to the finish line, which was awesome and mum and dad could hardly keep up. And then I did this: \o/

My favourite bits were: crossing the finish line, the view from the top of the harbour bridge, taking my shoes off after finishing, and the hot shower. Not necessarily in that order.

But, yeah. I'm really happy I did it. It may be quite a while before I do it again. And in the meantime, walking is...problematic.

Now I just need to wait until Alan, currently doing his own endurance event (the 24 Hour Movie Marathon) texts to say he's ready for a pick up. Until then, I'll be sitting. Just...sitting.

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Date: 2010-10-31 02:24 am (UTC)
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\o/ half marathon! And Magic: the Gathering! And Adam Lambert!


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