Oct. 4th, 2010

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Things I did this weekend:
  • Went to Underpants on the Outside, where Alan squeed a lot (in a very manly way, of course) over the various vintage and new action figures and comics and books, and I bought a cupcake, an Eleventh Doctor figurine (and proceeded to horrify Alan by TAKING IT OUT OF THE PACKAGING. And then posing it next to my Tenth Doctor TARDIS. So wrong!), and a copy of White Tiger, the graphic novel Tamora Pierce wrote.
  • Did some gardening, because the weather was SO NICE I had to go outside. I managed to mostly mow bits of the lawn (some of the grass isn't so much "cut" as "mushed down by repeated passes of the mower, so I'll leave it a week to perk up and go at it again), and to my great relieve the jungle that was my lawn at no poin, gained sentience, rose up, declared itself my lord and master and told me it didn't like being mown, thank you very much. I also planted things - two dietes, because if they are the plant I think they are they're very pretty and I've been trying to find their name for years, and two cape gooseberry bushes. I LOVE cape gooseberries but only eat them once every couple of years when I happen to be at the island when the bushes there are in fruit, or if I pay exorbiant amounts for a tiny punnet at the supermarket. Then I had a brainwave - I COULD PLANT MY OWN. Genius!
  • Of course, gardening as far as I'm concerned is putting things into holes in the ground and crossing my fingers. Or if it's grass (such as one might need to grow if one has managed to cause a large muddy bare patch on one's lawn) you just throw it on the ground! So easy!
  • Played my newly constructed Magic deck (I made it!) It's defining attribute is that it is purple - that is, all the pictures on the cards are predominantly purple - and it is in purple sleeves, with a purple playmat and purple dice and counters. It is, of course, terribly underpowered and will lose every game, but people seemed to think it LOOKED cool, which is the point. I shall lose in style!
  • Whimpered a lot about how much gardening makes my legs and butt ache, apart from the various scratches on my hands. Ow.


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